In hopes of having house owners not have unforeseen Leeesburg garbage disposal repairs, and to make sure it stays clean and odor free, we put this infographic together to highlight the products that one ought to not put into a disposer.

One of the leading food waste items to not put in a garbage disposal unit is grease. It appears harmless enough since it is primarily a liquid and soft, but can quickly congest pipes considering that it can stick to the insides of drain pipes. Grease rather should be put in the wastebasket. Other items that should not enter are bones, onion and potato peels, celery, shells from shell fish, large quantities of coffee grounds, and pastas (which can likewise make a sticky mess in ones drain pipes).

In terms of appropriately running the disposal system, make sure that just cold water is utilized and have the water turned on high prior to switching on the disposer. Then, in percentages put food waste into it. Once all the waste is chopped up, run the disposal for 30 to 60 seconds longer. And obviously, keep the water running until after the disposal is turned off.

To keep the disposal blades clean and free of debris, slice up a couple of ice cubes to clean it. Also, slice lemon slices or other citrus peels to assist in keeping smells away.

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Here is our infographic too:

Garbage Disposal Repair Leeesburg